Locate a mobile phone

Track a mobile phone regardless of the operator they choose by using our geolocation service and find out where the person you are targeting is located. The geolocation system requires prior consent of the user, in accordance with the AEPD regulation.

Track mobile phone

Advantages of Our Services

Locate Mobile Phone
All Operators

Our location system is suitable with all mobile phone operators.

Locate Mobile Phone
All mobile phone brands

We are able to trace a mobile phone thanks to our geolocation system (E.G. Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Sony, BlackBerry, etc)

Locate Mobile Phone
Worldwide Coverage

Our Geolocation Technology Service is really accurate and available WorlWide if the desired mobile phone has Internet access.

Locate Mobile Phone
In compliance with the legislation

This service is offered in compliance with the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Geolocation will activate only with the consent of the person sought.

Track mobile phone

In accordance with legislation

This service is offered in compliance with the recommendations of the Information Commissioner’s Office. Geolocation will activate only with the consent of the person sought.

Precise geolocation

Once the person´s number is assigned to the interface, our technology is implemented with a minimum margin of error. Our strength lies in the precision of our system. Once the desired mobile phone is locate, you will receive its precise location in form of a mapping.

Choice of confidentiality

You are free to either request geolocation anonymously or to identify yourself. If you do an anonymous request, the person sought will not know the identity of the applicant. On the other hand, in case of an identified request, the person sought will be aware of the identity of who wishes to geolocate her. No online exchange will be made, all information is handled by our geolocation service.

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Activate the Go&Find Service and enjoy without limits for only €0.50 for 24 hours. If you do not cancel the Service, we will charge you the monthly fee.

  • Accurate Geolocation
  • All operators
  • All mobile brands
  • All territory
  • Technical Support
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39,99 / month

No commitment or permanence. After the special offer, we will charge you the monthly cost until you cancel your subscription.

  • Precise geolocation
  • All Operators
  • All mobile phone brands
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Technical Support
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How it works

The geolocation system of our page will allow you to locate a cell phone

Track mobile phone

Steps to carry out geolocation

In order to accede geolocation on the number sought, an SMS with a URL will be sent.

For the service to be supplied, the person to be geolocated must be connected to the internet and have enabled the location parameter on his mobile. We then retrieve the user´s consent and his exact geographical position. The result is directly sent via sms to the applicant. The feedback is done via a mapping system that will locate the mobile phone sought within a few meters radius. The map is suitable o allow you to zoom in or display the street names.

  1. Enter the phone number of the person to be geolocated, your identity (optional) and your email.
  2. Make your payment by credit card (secured payment).
  3. Enter your phone number to receive the geolocation feedback.
  4. Validate the information.
  5. Receive the sms on your mobile phone showing feedback on geolocation.

The service cannot operate if the cell phone is switched off, however as soon as the user turns his phone on, our location search will activate. The applicant will also be informed of geolocation and time at which the position was detected.

Please note that according to the Information Commissioner’s Office and in conformity with the regulations applicable to the data collected, geotagging involves the collection and processing of personal data, therefore the service is subject to regulations on the protection of privacy. Thus, our service has the duty to respect the legal obligations that are required and in particular obtain the prior consent of the user.

Is my information safe?

Your anonymity is important to us. The geo-location of the third party gets send over a secure TLS (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and is not visible to other people. You personal information and identity are not shared with anyone.